October 19-20, 2019 | Kimberley, BC

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An Event for Your Mind, Body, & Spirit
19-20 October 2019

The 2nd Annual Abundance Holistic Health & Yoga Fair is being held at the Kimberley Athletic Training and Conference Centre on October 19 & 20 and this year includes a vendor market that is FREE for the public to attend. Get ready to learn, expand, and grow while having fun, enjoying laughter, and meeting wonderful new people.


Join us and a wide variety of professionals and practitioners for a weekend of self-care. Explore diverse healing modalities, possibilities, and alternatives that can help you bring abundance, joy, beauty, and whole-body (mind, body, and soul) health into your everyday life.


The Abundance Holistic Health & Yoga Fair will show you how to bring your life into balance, harmony, and alignment. We want to help you find ways to get to the best version of you and life possible. Learn how to heal and grow through more holistic and alternative approaches to overall health, healing, and empowerment.


Partake in yoga and meditation classes, interactive therapeutic workshops, Soul Talks (Ted Talk-style seminars), and more while enjoying a vendor market of health and wellness-related businesses you have yet to discover. We also have In the Sticks--an Afro-Sass Drum & Dance Collective--joining us for a special musical performance on Saturday night, and this is included in the weekend passes.


The weekend focuses on body, mind and spirit and how our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves operate as a whole. Abundance™ wants to help you improve your overall health and outlook, expand your consciousness, and raise your vibration to help you live life to the fullest. 


Reconnect to yourself, connect to new ways of being, and give yourself the greatest gift of all; health and wellness. We can’t wait to share the magic with you. Answer the call to join us today!


Two Days of Health & Wellness Classes, Workshops, Soul Talks, FREE Market, and Saturday Night Musical Guests!

Abundance Fair founders, Cristina Borgogelli and Danette Polzin, invite you to join them and a dynamic group of facilitators and vendors for two days of all things holistic health.

The 1st Annual Abundance Holistic Health & Yoga Fair was a success with over 18 facilitators and 30 vendors interacting and sharing with fair-goers. And the 2nd Annual Fair is going to be even more abundant!

Starting with classes and talks about self-love, mantra practices, the age of awakening, and harnessing our wild sage for health, and closing the weekend with a beautiful drum circle (pictured right), the 2018 fair was one to remember.

Following a similar structure, the 2nd Annual Abundance Fair in 2019 offers a vendor market with FREE admission for the public to attend (interested vendors, please email abundancefair@gmail.com for pricing and availability). The day and weekend passes offer access to workshops, soul talks, and classes covering everything from yoga and meditation to spirituality and ascension to holistic health, wellness, and healing, as well as a musical performance on Saturday night.

Whether you're just beginning to become curious or a master of sorts, this fair offers something for everyone, and a whole bunch of love, connection, laughter, and growth.


Purchase your passes online now!

The first classes on Saturday and Sunday will begin at 8:45am and both days provide you with an abundance of choice, offering you more than 30 sessions to choose from with wonderful familiar faces from last year and beautiful new faces joining us for the first time. Saturday night also features special musical guests, In the Sticks!


The vendor market is free to attend (no passes required) and will run from 11am-5pm. During this time, paid day and weekend pass-holders will also have access to a Chill and Create Room where they can be still, process, or integrate through art (supplies provided), quiet reflection, journaling, or support from an available energetic or therapeutic practitioner. ALL of this is included in your all-access weekend pass.

Please remember to bring a water bottle, yoga mat, and journal. And note that the following schedule and times are subject to change.

Saturday, October 19

8:45-9:30amYoga and Sound Session with Chelsea Eisses of Inner Roar and Nathan Taron of Cocoon Sound Healing – Nathan Taron—DJ and Acutonics Practitioner at Cocoon Sound Healing—teams up with Chelsea Eisses—yoga teacher, mindfulness facilitator, and owner of Inner Roar Yoga—to create this heart-opening and expanding class to start off the weekend! Nathan will incorporate healing frequencies into his DJ set, while Chelsea brings in a mindful moving practice through various styles of yoga and meditation. A beautiful class for all levels.


9:45-11amKtunaxa Storytelling with Chief Joe Pierre – Join Ktunaxa Chief Joe Pierre for a beautiful storytelling session that connects us with the ancestors and culture of this land. One of Joe Pierre’s favourite quotes is that of Thomas King, “The truth about stories is that that’s all we are.”


9:45-11amSoul Collage with Melanie Folk of Good Vibrations Energy Healing  – Collages are so fun – they are easy and deep at the same time. It is a great way to express the hidden language of your soul. There will be magazines available for this session, but you’re welcome to bring along images such as pictures and postcards. You need absolutely no “artistic abilities” to attend. You will be gently guided to get in touch with your authentic self. The focus is on joy in your authentic and intuitive expression. 


9:45-11amVinyasa Yoga with Sharon Coombs – Join this all-levels class that includes a gentle warm-up, opportunities to flow a little or a lot, and a long savasana to finish. Sharon offers many modifications in order to suit your own personal practice. Experience her love for anatomy and alignment in her teachings while stepping into your own flow and rhythm.


9:45-11amWater Wisdom: Tap the Inner Well with Sheila Milloy – Join Sheila in a conversation about the magic and power of the water element. Explore your relationship with water. Activate magic through the Ancestral teachings of the Western Sky and discover the secret powers of DNA (the largest database known), the nature of water memory, and the power of magic. Connect to the water within and around us. Sheila has worked as a Mental Health/Addictions Counselor and Group Home Manager in Nunavut/NWT. Sheila follows the Spirit Wisdom of her Ancestral Path (her plaid is Munro) and she beautifully weaves together her ancestry, education, and experience to create a profound soul talk circle.


11am – Market Opens | Chill and Create Room Opens


11:15am-12:30pmFood with Intention & Gratitude with Abundance Co-Founder Cristina Borgogelli of Tonerelli’s Pasta Adventures – How do we move from food simply as fuel and past the limitations we place on ourselves where we are not ashamed, but empowered to nourish ourselves for our own unique bodies and souls? Bring awareness and positive energy to nourishing your body from a place of love to take care of your vessel throughout this lifetime. Learn how to honour the journey that food takes from the earth and through people, and bless and infuse it with love for maximum enjoyment, connection, and nourishment. Let’s explore this rich topic together.


11:15am-12:30pm“The Change” – Straight Talk on the Real Life Process of Periomenopause with Zoe Ramdin of Zeal and Zen - The stages of periomenopause and menopause can cover over half of the female lifespan. But for many, men included, little to nothing is known about the potential impacts other than simply moving away from child bearing years. Zoe helps you get a feel for the scope and potential impact of these changes as well as actions you can take now to be prepared, and minimizing, warding off, or even eliminating some of the less appealing aspects of “THE CHANGE”. Take the opportunity to be in a room where open discussion about this topic is welcome and we can learn from each other and our experiences. (Not a medical review; a discussion around how to deal with it in your life.)


11:15-12:30pmJoyous Engagement, Consciously with Maureen Smith of Alive Mindfully – Join Maureen to learn about increasing conscious joy and awareness, building connections with others, and being in the world without devices; an opportunity to be in the body. It takes courage to live our lives authentically. Along the way let’s celebrate our successes and growth. In this workshop, Maureen will provide opportunity for participants to experience joy, each other, and discover more about living their lives in accordance with unfolding. It is not us that unfolds and awakens; it is the universe unfolding us. Participants will be invited to gather together to get in touch with their playfulness and experience being grounded, and consciously aware and mindfully alive!


11:15am-12:30pmTemple with Kim Mayberry of Dance for Joy Studio Banff – It’s sacred, it’s sexy, it’s you! Here’s where you connect with the Universe, Creatrix inside, divine feminine, and your magic majesty. Here’s where you sweat your prayers and shake off your fears. Honour your body and let your soul soar.


1:45-3pmEmbodied Womb Wisdom with Nicole Pemberton – Feel, integrate, and remember your connection to your body. Embodied Womb Wisdom is connecting to a high frequency, juicy state of being and feeling! It’s having the discernment and sovereignty to know your boundaries and stand firm in your powerful “NO” and being absolutely affirmed in your “YES”! It is having the balance of your Sacred Masculine with your Goddess Feminine. It is walking, talking, feeling sensual, feeling pleasure and beauty, and magnetizing your soul desires. It is joy, community, wisdom, solitude, sensing, listening, moving, expanding, expressing anger, releasing and rejoicing. To embody your core, your connection to your womb is a practice. In a sacred container, let’s joyfully dive in! 


1:45-3pmMandala Rock Painting with Professional Artist Wendy Franz – There is something mindful, soulful, and healing to dot painting. Dot painting is a very popular painting technique and it’s accessible for all skill levels. It can be used from intricate mandala styles to simple drawings. Join Wendy Franz for this fun beginner class where you will be stepped through the process, creating your very own basic dot mandala painting on rocks personally collected and blessed from local river sites.


1:45-3pmShifting Paradigms for Your Health with Naturopathic Physician Dr. Kim Hine – Join a discussion about how common health complaints such as poor digestion, stress, and low energy can be addressed naturally and holistically. Learn how discovering paradigms, limiting beliefs, and making mindset shifts can help you overcome obstacles in healing and reclaim your health, energy, passion, and love of life!

1:45-3pmTransmissions of Consciousness with Monica Karaba – It’s cosmic story time, kids! Monica will introduce and share 4-6 excerpts from some of the most powerful and paradigm-shifting books ever written that are sure to awaken, inspire, affirm, alter, and activate the collective consciousness. These also relay some of the prophecies of the times we are in and introduce our larger galactic history that has been kept from us. By sharing some of the most profound transmissions from leading visionaries, evolutionaries, and wisdom keepers, Monica intends to have your cells vibrating, mind opened and inspired, and heart and soul expanded.


3:15-4:30pmEssential Emotions with Heather Ivany – Managing difficult emotions is a top health priority for many people. Join Heather—yoga teacher and essential oil educator—in this informative session to learn how essential oils can support mood shifts, stimulate self-repair, and balance chemical reactions in a safe and effective manner. (Includes a DIY component to make a take-home product.)


3:15-4:30pmForest Healing Experience with Abundance Co-Founder Danette Polzin of Violet Flame Holistic Healing – Nature and Mother Earth provide our greatest source for love, nourishment, joy, peace, and connection to ourselves, ancient wisdom, intuition, and spirit. Learn, heal, meditate, and move in the elements. The perfect way to connect in, root down, and create community in a safe, supportive environment where Danette helps you bridge mind, body, and soul with earth and spirit. See the forest with new eyes and deepen your connection to self.


3:15-4:30pmSound Vibrations with Judith Ahnika Paul – Go on a journey into sound with Judith. The effect of singing bowls (and other instruments like tingshas, bells, chimes, tuning forks, and rain sticks) are based on vibrations and patterns that bring out cellular memory all around the body of your original healthy vibration, and release tension that you may not even be aware of. Your body remembers everything—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual—and the singing bowls bring out the natural, healthy vibration in each cell and help release blockages. This sound and meditation session helps reduce stress and anxiety, promote mindfulness and happiness, improve circulation, balance your chakras, enhance mental and emotional clarity, and so much more.


3:15-4:30pmYoga Nidra with Meghan Lockhart – Yoga Nidra is the state of remaining awake and aware within a dream-state. It is ultimate union of Self through deep sleep. There are a set of internalized rituals that are practiced lying down on the back, as if in a meditative state. The by-product of this internalized practice is deep medicine for the body, mind, and soul. The practitioner often leaves feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and restored. 


5pm – Market Closes | Chill and Create Room Closes


5 – 5:45pmDance Circle with Denise Holden & Woody Maguire - Dance Circle is a lightly guided movement practice, as well as a moving meditation. Join us to celebrate getting through this crazy beautiful thing called life together, to have fun, to dance our prayers/intentions, for ourselves, families, communities, and all beings. A combination of meditative, playful, healing, and just plain fun. Shake old stories from your cells, bodies, and bones, shake out your fears, anxieties, and inauthenticities, fill yourself up, and send out the lifted vibes that moving in conscious community creates.


7:00-9:30pmIn the Sticks - Drum + Dance Collective - Special Musical Performance including DJ Nathan Taron – Come and feel the power and rhythm of In the Sticks as they raise the roof off the conference centre! An AWEmazing music act you will not forget. This is a family-friendly, all-ages event open to everyone to attend. Doors open at 7:00pm and DJ Nathan Taron will be spinning tunes until the show starts at 8pm. Adults are $15 (advance purchase online; $20 cash only at the door), children/youth aged 7-18yrs are $5, and 6 and under are free. (For those attending the fair with weekend passes, this event is included in your weekend pass.)

Sunday, October 20


8:45-9:30amMorning Sound Journey Meditation with Caroline Dalton - Transcend the body, mind, and soul through a journey of sound with crystal quartz bowls, as we shift our energy field to allow for healing and growth at the deepest cellular level. Let the frequency and vibrations of the bowls activate your intuition connecting you to your higher consciousness as your subconscious mind journeys into a dreamlike state.


9:45-11amLet's Speak of Connection with Judith Ahnika Paul – Ascension, awakening, multidimensional…what does all of this mean? Join Judith for an exploration into connection. Connection to oneself, relationships, the Earth, the Cosmos, all united in harmony, peace, love, and joy. She will lead you through a guided meditation to connect and build the pillar of light that connects us with All that Is.


9:45-11amKundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with Denise Holden - Explore how this yoga brilliantly moves energy, weaving physical postures, breath, movement, meditation, mantra, and relaxation in a way that activates the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, expands lung capacity, purifies the bloodstream, assists in balancing the emotional body, enhances physical vitality, and increases consciousness. Dee shares this yoga in an empowering and gentle way, having been inspired by her first wise woman teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Swami Sivananda Radha, 20 years ago. Dee took her first teachings with Swami Satchidananda's Integral School of Hatha Yoga in 2000 and in 2015, she also fell in love with Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. .


9:45-11amSomato Respiratory Integration Workshop with Dr. Joanna Schmidt of Naturally Chiropractic – The physical body is a powerful and necessary gateway for creating and integrating sustainable change.  By using our focused breath, movement, and touch we allow for deeper connection of what is present. When we are present with what is, we discover greater resources for change. Through Somato Respiratory Integration and the 12 stages of healing/living, we learn to connect with our own personal resourcefulness. You’ll take strategies to help effortlessly shift your state from one of stress into growth. Join Dr. Joanna Schmidt with Naturally Chiropractic as we embody some of the flavors of the 12 stages of healing.


9:45-11amMONERGY! with Monica Karaba – Artistically and creatively play with the ENERGY of MONEY, MONEY + ENERGY! Look at some of the programs, beliefs, and constructs affecting our financial flow, then invite our inner children and future selves to help us envision and create beautiful, new forms of currency. Coming together to create, give, and receive our MONERGY during this powerful, intentional weekend will have a magical ripple effect. Snacks and supplies provided.


11am – Market Opens | Chill and Create Room Opens


11:15-12:30pmAromaYoga with Heather Ivany – Surrender and receive! The combination of oils and yoga provides a cathartic experience that can be woven into any yoga practice to create emotional balance. One must first release in order to make space for the new; this class helps to increase your energy and calm your mind while the oils assist with healing, releasing, and opening. Welcome for all levels.


11:15am-12:30pmEmbodiment with Meghan Lockhart – Explore what embodiment is and why it is beneficial in your everyday life. Join in different grounding rituals to help you feel as if you belong in the home of your body. Rituals will include: earth breathing, calling your spirit home into your body, and a body gratitude practice. Relieve stress, cultivate connection, and feel more present in your life.


11:15am-12:30pmForest Healing Experience with Abundance Co-Founder Danette Polzin of Violet Flame Holistic Healing – Nature and Mother Earth provide our greatest source for love, nourishment, joy, peace, and connection to ourselves, ancient wisdom, intuition, and spirit. Learn, heal, meditate, and move in the elements. The perfect way to connect in, root down, and create community in a safe, supportive environment where Danette helps you bridge mind, body, and soul with earth and spirit. See the forest with new eyes and deepen your connection to self.


11:15-12:30pmSound Healing Soul Talk with Nathan Taron of Cocoon Sound Healing – Join Nathan for an introduction to the use of sound as a healing modality. We will explore the history of sound and the modern usage of frequencies. A dive into the world of Acutonics and the music of the spheres is bound to happen. A group session involving singing bowls, planetary chimes, voice, and other tools will close this talk.


1:45-3pmGrief Art Circle with Abundance Co-Founder Cristina Borgogelli – Explore how to honour your grief through art. Grief can feel scary, lonely, and debilitating. But Cristina can show you how to begin moving through those blocks and emotions without having to speak a word. Explore how different cultures honour death/grief and transcend the feelings/emotions that arise, well-up, or explode when we lose someone, lose ourselves, or grieve major and unexpected life changes. A perfect session for those looking to go deeper into grief, loss, vulnerability, unworthiness, forgiveness, and shame. Create a piece of mixed media art to bring light to difficult emotions, empower yourself, and gain confidence to freely express yourself without judgement and be heard.

1:45-3pm – Herbs and Mental Health with Dr. Katelyn Mudry  - Join Dr. Katelyn Mudry, Naturopathic Doctor, to explore the various herbs that can be used to support your mental health and open your heart. Dr. Mudry will provide some taste samples and then finish off the session with a guided meditation that includes a few of the herbs. Discover the power of plant medicine!


1:45-3pm7 Keys to Freedom CHAKRADANCE with Bobbi McDonald – CHAKRADANCE is a powerful, authentic healing dance practice that promotes that wonderful state of calm vitality known as “well-being.” It can help tune and balance your whole body, mind, and spirit using spontaneous dance, guided imagery, and music that resonates deeply with each of the seven major chakras. During this session, experience seven unique tracks that guide you on a dynamic dance journey through your own chakras. From tribal, sensual, pulsing, and exhilarating to ethereal, trance, and spiritual. Dance every part of your being, feel more alive and energized, and connect back to your true, authentic self. Free the energies in your body and open to a deeper experience of life. Be prepared for energetic shifts, deep insights, and moments of pure freedom!


1:45-3pmRestorative Reiki and Sound Healing with Coralee Salomons of Sacred Space - Through meditation, join Coralee in creating a sacred space, enjoy a restorative yoga session with reiki, a crystal singing bowl, and soothing music, and finish with a grounding, rejuvenating meditation.


3:15-4:30pmDance for Joy with Kim Mayberry of Dance for Joy Studio Banff – Learn about different dance styles including African, Belly Dance, Bollywood, Diva, Funk, Hip Hop, and Latin. This class is lighthearted, full of energy, and the emphasis is on fun, release, and moving with joy. 

3:15-4:30pmInflammation Workshop with Grace Hunt of Grace Holistic Nutrition – Join a lively discussion about inflammation with Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Nutrition Practitioner, Grace Hunt. She will share her insights about what inflammation is, why we get it, and how you can reduce it through diet, food, and lifestyle. 

3:15-4:30pmThe Nature of Mind: Nature and Spiritual Understanding with Dean Nicholson of Alive Mindfully - Throughout history, spiritual teachers and artists have turned to nature as a source of inspiration and personal growth. How can we apply their understandings to our own engagement with the natural world to develop greater insight, awareness, courage and compassion? Poetry, art, and readings that explore and celebrate the relationship between nature and spiritual understanding. Experience that connection with Dean Nicholson is in this soul-full session!

3:15-4:30pmPulse of Life - Ajapa Japa Dharana - with Shivani Howe of Ishtadev Niwas Ashram & Farm – Gain a deeper understanding into the process of moving from yoga practice into becoming a Sadhak, someone who engages in Sadhana, or sustained spiritual effort. As we move deeper into our yogic experience and begin the practices of Dharana (concentration), Ajapa Japa becomes the key practice to prepare the mind and body for Dhyana, or meditation. Ajapa Japa enables one to tap into the pulsation of life force energy in order to refine the nervous system and strengthen the mind, thus preparing the body for Kriyas and the awakening of Ma Kundalini. 


5pm – Market Closes | Chill and Create Room Closes


5 – 5:45pmKaleidoscope Yoga with Mehdi Makraz and Syama Dasi – Mehdi started exploring different paths of yoga when he moved from Casablanca, Morocco to Bellingham, WA in 2010. He connected with Lo Nathamundi who is the founder of Kaleidoscope Community Yoga. At first they started combining traditional Yoga Assana with conscious movement, healing touch, and sacred geometry. It all unfolded from there like a flower reveals its petals when it blooms. The magic of Kaleidoscope was born. Join Mehdi and Syama in this beautiful unfolding with Kirtan music at the end of the session. 


5:45 – 6:15pmClosing Soul Talk with Abundance Founders Cristina Borgogelli and Danette Polzin – What are the differences between competition and collaboration? How does one keep us in a space of lack and scarcity while the other opens us up to the flow of abundance? Danette and Cristina share their perspective on the importance of community and collaboration, how the Abundance Fair helps build bridges, and why it’s so important to align ourselves with the vibration of peace, love, joy, gratitude, and honour.

Join us to move your body, quiet your mind, expand your spirit, and fill your heart with peace, love, and joy! Connect, share, and enjoy together as you discover and explore the abundance of gifts around and inside you.



Early bird tickets are available for purchase through Eventbrite! Cash sales will be available at the door. Public access to the market is FREE (must have a paid pass to attend workshop/sessions); lunch, snacks, and beverages will be available for purchase on-site.


Weekend passes are ONLY $99 ($115 at the door) or $59 for one day ($69 at the door).

In the Sticks - Saturday Night Special Musical Guests with DJ Nathan Taron - This performance is included in weekend passes! Without a pass, admission is $15 for adults (advance purchase online or at Snowdrift Cafe; $20 cash at the door), $5 for children/youth aged 7-18 years, and 6 and under are free. This is a family-friendly, all-ages show.

*Guests attending from out-of-town receive discounted accommodations through Trickle Creek Lodge (walking distance to the conference centre). Booking details are provided when you purchase your tickets.


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